Digital Solutions at
One Platform

Ozoned empowers the customers by offering digital innovation through highly intuitive customer interfaces resulting in a flexible setup for both the Insurers and customers

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Digital solutions at one platform

Ozoned, our Digital Solutions Platform, enables the Insurers to offer new insurance services to their customers allowing them to increase revenue or retention. Ozoned allows pre and post-sales servicing through a customer friendly front-end. The Platform is backed by an actuarially sound product and pricing engine allowing instant underwriting, quotation, online payment, policy issuance, claim servicing, renewal management and many other additional value-added product features

Dynamic Product Design

Ozoned works with you and your customer in designing the insurance products that suit you and your environment well.

Rest APIs

Innovative REST APIs seamlessly connect the Insurer’s workflows and customer interactions through multiple customer touchpoints and interfaces.

Adjustable Product Architecture

Ozoned Product architecture is built by the Insurer according to their customer’s needs and is fully configurable.

Payment Gateways and Digital Policies

Ozoned allows connectivity to the payment gateway of your choice and helps generate real-time digital policy documentation transparently for your customers. Issuance of digital policies and notifications are made available.

BI and Analytics

Ozoned Platform provides comprehensive reporting dashboards and tools keeping you aware of how you are performing in an ever-changing marketplace.

Highly Intuitive Mobile UI

Ozoned’s dynamic customer journey workflow tools effortlessly create intuitive mobile UI experiences.

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