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Ozoned is a SaaS-based product platform that provides digital innovation to the Insurance Industry. The platform offers an end to end insurance ecosystem that is capable to support major insurance products available in the industry

Omni Channel Customer Experience and APIs

Our restful APIs and Omnichannel positioning strategy connect the Insurer with the end customers through different alternative distributions ensuring a better user experience.

Policy and Claim Management

Ozoned Digital policy and claim administration let the customer purchase policies instantly and get their policies serviced at a touch of the button. Our claims modules are AI-enabled and are easy to administer.

Flexible and Modular product design

Ozoned Insurance platform provides customers with a dynamic and customizable system that has least interdependency within modules hence replacing the manual work with an automated, secure and flexible approach.

AI & BI enabled Digital Ecosystems

Ozoned notches up the product delivery systems of the Insurance Industry by presenting modern cutting-edge digital ecosystems for various products.

Digitizing Customer Journey

Ozoned offers a completely digitized customer journey for Insurance Customers leading to higher customer satisfaction while presenting multiple opportunities to enhance insurer’s process efficiencies.

Software as a Service Provider

Ozoned platform’s SaaS (Software as a Service) approach lets the Insurer only pay for services and solutions it buys and spreads the cost over the customer base making it viable to adopt.

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Swift and Easy Deployment

We aim to provide swift and easy system deployment that saves time and money while giving you more control and flexibility.

Insurance Industry Expertise

Our team is led by Insurance Industry subject matter experts who carry an added advantage of Tech Enablement skill set. This allows the end solution to be a natural fit for the industry from a product and process standpoint.

Financial Inclusion through Alternative Distributions

Ozoned’s capability to serve alternative distributions with creative insurance offerings helps in enhancing financial inclusion in the country that eventually leads to increased economic growth while protecting consumers.

Scalable & Reliable Cloud Architecture

Ozoned architecture provides scalable and secure solutions to existing insurers that allow them to utilize our platform with great ease.

Big Data BI

Ozoned big data tools have flexibility to provide a wealth of data analysis and predictive modeling capabilities that result in better customer services and helps prevent fraud.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

Ozoned Enterprise Data Warehouse helps the Insurance Companies unlock the transformational insights that position them as data-driven market leaders by enabling the rapid integration of large and diverse data sets.